About our brand

We are brand WALKER and this is our story.

When we started business we asked a question to ourselves: What is the demand of the majority of people? What do they need? How can we help them?  

Nowadays almost everyone has mobile devices, usually not one gadget but many: a mobile phone, a tablet pc, a laptop, a computer. In order to extend the lifespan of these devices and make the usage more convenient there is a necessity in accessories compatible with them, such as chargers, protective accessories.

The market is saturated with the products of poor quality and it is possible to find more or less quality items only in high-priced market segment. Faced with this dilemma, customers have to choose either to buy cheap but low quality product or to spend a significant amount of money for world-famous brands products. By creating brand WALKER we tried to providу the best price-to-quality ratio on market which enables customers to purchase a quality product at reasonable price. We think that we have succeeded! 


WALKER guarantees quality without compromise!

We worked hard on the creation of brand. We were experiencing difficulties  such as irresponsibility of suppliers and manufacturer's violation of delivery terms. Only thanks to practical approach and the confidence that we would succeed we were able to launch the first batch of WALKER brand production in 2017.   Nowadays our brand fully meet all latest technological requirements. 

WALKER is now growing and developing, working towards strengthening, improving and increasing the quality of our product line. A large number of major dealers have put their trust in our brand and this number is continuosly increasing.  

After one purchase thousands of customers come back to our shops to buy again for them or as a gift for their relatives or loved ones. Nowadays WALKER is not only brand name of mobile accessories  but a lifestyle!        

WALKER - is the brand for those who value stability!

WALKER - is the brand for those who know their demands!    

WALKER - is made for you!      

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